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Gastronomic Tea

Gastronomic Tea is a new paradigm, suggesting that tea and tea drinking are integral parts of Haut Cuisine. Within this paradigm we operate with several concepts (most likely, we were the first who postulated them).

Live Tea Cocktail Concept

We’ve invented siphonized tea cocktails that are prepared right in front of you. For example, it can be from Ruby tea, two sprigs of lavender and orange zest. Or Four Seasons’ Spring Oolong, ginger root, lemon peel and mint. Such cocktails are the basis of our gastronomic tea compositions.

Tea & Wine Concept

Simple combinations of tea and alcoholic beverages are known for a while now and are, frankly, commonplace. To break this cliché, we came up with several ways to interact tea and alcohol. Tea instead of wine. Tea with wine. Tea with wine and a snack. Or like this: siphonize Ruby tea with half the vanilla pod and serve with old Brandy de Jerez (you drink tea, and only sniff brandy).

Amuse-bouche au Thé Concept

We call the intricate serving of tea, alcoholic beverages and a variety of snacks, based on a certain order of consumption and on constant play of gastronomic rhymes and contrasts Amuse-bouche au Thé. It is the summit of the gastronomic paradigm of tea, always pleasing us with delicious surprises and delighting our guests.

Gastronomic Tea Show

It is with great pleasure that we put into practice any of our tea and gastronomic concepts. At a strictly tea banquets we are happy to make cocktails and create spontaneous compositions of tea with simple and sophisticated snacks. At banquets organized alongside with our colleagues involved in alcohol and confectionaries, we can readily make complex compositions with tea and adjoining ingredients.

We work in restaurants and wine schools, hold chamber tastings and master classes. Tea and Food shows are our specialty.

Taiwan Tea Dainties

When creating our gastronomic suites we gladly use any ingredients: local and seasonal products, well-known specialties, trade mark cuisine and snacks. But we always put our twist on it. Exclusively for tea serving, we have created a line of special delicacies, which are made to order in Taiwan.

Dried apples and peaches, cherry tomatoes and plums, mango and pineapple.

Cashew in cheese and natural cane sugar (as is, or with ginger juice).

Dried kumquat and guava, crisps of seeds and nuts.

And even chips from shiitake mushrooms.

All our goodies go perfectly with tea as they are, and in various combinations. Try it!

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