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Taiwan Tea Specialties

We treat Taiwanese tea as a gastronomic specialty with distinct terroir characteristics. High quality, exquisite taste and direct contact with our producers are not the only criteria in selecting a particular tea for our collection. Our collection is a complete tea map of Taiwan, and not only in geographical sense. We work with different sorts of tea bush, different regions and different technologies. And here is what we’ve come up with.

Classic Taiwan Oolong Teas

Of course we have the classic Taiwanese Oolongs — the trademark of the modern Taiwanese tea. They are of various degrees of fermentation and roasting, different twisting, fresh and seasoned, simple and complex, lowland, mountain and high mountain.

Lishan Oolong and Alishan Oolong, Four Seasons’ Spring and the Golden Flower, Dong Ding Oolong and Tie Guan Yin (traditional, fried), Buddha’s Palm Oolong and Jade Oolong — can most likely be found in our collection at any given time, as we carry all the Taiwanese classics.

Taiwanese Oolong is ideal for ceremonial tea (Gongfu Cha), but can be very well brewed by any other method.

New Wave Black (Red) Taiwan Tea

Renaissance of high-grade Taiwanese black tea is happening right before our eyes, and perhaps even due to our own efforts. Our Taiwanese Black collection — is a real find for tea lovers.

New, proven and unusual varieties of tea bush, unique tea gardens and plain human craftsmanship — are all contributing factors that allow Taiwanese farmers to create fantastic teas with brilliant terroir and varietal characteristics. And our skill as tea traders — is to locate such farmers.

Different varieties of Ruby tea (TTES#18), black teas from Cui Yu (TTES#13) and Jin Xuan (TTES#12), new and delicious teas TTES#21... Taiwan black teas are ideally suited for traditional European tea tastes, and at the same time are diverse and endlessly entertaining. Come visit us, call us, or write to us!

Blockbuster Flavored Taiwan Tea

In any tea collection there have to be some teas that immediately and unquestionably appeal to most of the people. Flavored teas fit the bill perfectly.

We have a very simple principle of creating flavored teas — we take a good tea and carefully add to it different palatable additives. That’s how we get Black Tea with Bergamot oil and Citron peel, Grapefruit Oolong, Smoky Black tea, Oolong Isabella, Oolong tea with Chamomile, Oolong tea with Flowers of Bitter Orange and other excellent and very original flavored teas.

Rare Taiwan Tea

Taiwanese White and Yellow tea? Pressed lightly fermented Oolong? Tea from the Camellia Formosensis (a Taiwanese endemic)? Yes, they actually exist, and from time to time appear in our inventory. We say from time to time because these rarities are produced in very small quantities.

But there is always some unique Taiwanese tea in our collection. It can be an award-winning Peng Feng, or one of the Lishan Oolong from different gardens, a rare green tea harvested in the natural preserve, or teas made by a maverick farmer.

Looking for a truly rare tea? Contact us, and we’ll certainly find something for you!

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