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Russian Tea House in Taipei

We are working with Taiwanese tea since 2003. In the course of ten years, we have created a fashion for good Taiwanese tea in Russia and made Taiwanese Tea the de facto professional standard in the hospitality sector. In 2007 we established our company in Taiwan, which was initially engaged only in the selection and purchase of tea. But it turned out that our experience in tea trading, and our concept of serving tea attracted attention of Taiwanese consumers as well. In 2012, we opened the Russian Tea House in Taipei, which welcomes guests to serve them tea and also runs our tea business on the island.

No.120, Sec.1, Heping West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei city

Our Tea House is located at No.120, Sec.1, Heping West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei city (dot on the map). There you can buy choice Taiwanese tea selected by our experts or produced under our control, pick tea ware and purchase specialty tea dainties. You can also arrange a tea event (banquet, private tea party, tea tasting, etc.) on site, or have it catered at your location.

Tea House Activities

Our Tea House holds entertaining and educational tea tastings for small groups of people (up to 20) catering to Russian, Chinese or English speakers. Tastings can be held in either Russian or Taiwanese style, have any tea contents, and include food or cultural components.

Tea Catering & Tea Events

It is our pleasure to help you organize an excellent tea serving for large groups of guests at any venue — art and business exhibits, banquets, government and diplomatic meetings.

Our tea table fits perfectly into any interior, can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors and can be easily integrated with other banquet offers (desserts, wines, etc.) We can either be discrete, or actively communicate with guests (we much prefer the latter).

Russian and Taiwan Tea Parties

We can hold tea parties in a traditional Taiwanese style. Angela Pai — one of our staff members — is very familiar with Taiwanese regular and holiday tea ceremonies.

Sergey Khorolskiy — the CEO of Turquoise Tea Co. Ltd. — is one of the founders and promoters of the modern Russian Tea Drinking tradition.

Tea School & Studio

We have successful tea training courses for professionals of restaurant business, sommeliers, students of such specializations and tea lovers as well. Our Tea School & Studio is located in Moscow, but we can go to any place on the map and hold high-level tea training for you.

Tea is served!

If you are in the market for Taiwanese tea, tea-ware or tea dainties, planning to hold a large or intimate tea party, or to just enjoy a cup of delicious tea — we are at your service!

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