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Tea Siphon and other Professional Tea-ware

To brew a good tea you need good tools: convenient, simple, reliable and beautiful. Therefore, we pay great attention to the selection and design of tea-ware.

Tea Siphon

The flagship brand of our ware is the Tea Siphon — a special modification of the coffee siphon, specifically designed for us and used for brewing tea and tea blends. Embossed pattern of the bulb enhances and extends the visual appeal of the siphon. Powerful gas burner increases the dynamics of tea brewing (which is often critical). Filter, wholly made of stainless steel, completely eliminates any traces of previous flavors.

Tea Siphonization — as a process, and as a concept — was developed in 2004 by Sergey Khorolskiy, CEO of our group of companies. Currently Siphonization is, in fact, one of the standard methods of making tea — but we still remain at the forefront of siphon fashion. With many recipes for tea and tea blends, the use of a siphon when serving a gourmet tea, spectacular tricks and rules of using the siphon at tea-tasting shows — our experience in the use of this device is unique and invaluable. Incidentally, the very terms Siphonized Tea and Tea Siphonization are also our inventions.

For us, the tea siphon is not just a handy tool for making tea. It is an important component of contemporary Russian tea culture. Siphon is a modern-day extension of the concept of classical Russian samovar. Hence, on the tea table both siphon and samovar work the same way: burning fire, seething flame, brewing tea and attracting attention.

Professional Tea-ware

For professional use we prefer tea transparent utensils made of borosilicate glass — it is durable, comfortable, eye-catching and allows you to appreciate the beauty of good tea.

We work with different design glassware and thus can devise tea parties in different styles. Our tea-ware fits well into any interior, looks great outdoors and is perfect for brewing and serving tea.

But of course, we will never abandon the tea classics — porcelain and clay. We often make porcelain and pottery by special order, and some examples of tea ware were originally developed for us. It turned out beautifully!

In addition to professional ware, we like to work with artistic crockery that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. We have a rich collection of copyright kettles made of clay and stone, maintain friendly relations with many Taiwanese artists, and are happy to compile unique collections of teapots for our customers and friends. Don’t be a stranger!

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