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Wellness Tea

Preventive and curative properties of tea are constantly studied by scientists and are often used by physicians. We are closely watching those varieties of tea that can be used to improve your health and mood, choose the most delicious of them and gladly include them in our collection.

Organic Fresh Tea Leaves Powder

Fresh tea leaves powder is a truly unique product. It is different from the familiar powdered green tea because high temperatures are not used during its’ production. The leaves of the tea bush are dehydrated and ground on a cold mill. This technique preserves most of useful substances: antioxidants, L-theanine and catechins. Dissolve this powder in cold water — and you get a tasty and healthy soft drink.

Organic Chinese Rose Petals Powder

The same technology — vacuum dehydration and cold milling — is used to make powder from the petals of organic Chinese tea roses. Pink powder, just like the powder of tea leaves, is stirred in cold water — and becomes a beautiful, delicious and vitamin rich drink, full of natural essential oils and micro elements.

Taiwan GABA Tea

GABA tea is now at the peak of tea fashion. Invented in 1987 in Japan, the technology allows to make tea with high content of γ-Aminobutyric acid — a natural mild tranquilizer. In Taiwan they learned to make GABA tea delicious , and we are pleased to include it in our collection.

We like GABA-tea with various additives very much: cherry blossoms, chamomile, rose, natural ginseng. It’s very beautiful — to combine traditional medicinal plants with modern high-tech tea.

EGCG Rich Taiwan Green Tea

Another high-tech Taiwanese tea is Green Tea rich in EGCG. It is produced using a technology developed in the United States, rich in antioxidants and is remains delicious with prolonged brewing (which is a must since useful components of tea are released into the infusion after 20-30 minutes).

We use this tea as a base for a whole range of flavored green teas. And some of them are packed into oxygen-free containers so the tea doesn’t lose useful nutrients while in storage.

These containers can be used to Yachting Tea Cups that are great for the tea party in travelling.

Tea & Herb Repertories

We are well familiar with Russian traditional herbs and make tea and herbal blends of Taiwanese tea and Russian herbs.

These blends can be perfectly brewed either using the siphon, or the usual kettle and are designed to improve your health and mood morning, day and night. And weekends too!

Of course, tea is not a medicine. But depending on the type of tea and variety of additives, it can invigorate, relax, soothe, enhance efficiency, improve mood, quench your thirst, and simply pleasure you. Enjoy your tea!

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